The Incredibly Immersive Viking Experience Festival, Happens Right Here In North Carolina

published: March 8th, 2023 in Food, Local Nature, Natural, Travel

Tickets are now available for the authentic, one-of-a-kind Viking Experience Festival happening right here in North Carolina on March 25-26, 2023. This second-annual event will take place at The Barn at Vino, a breathtaking vineyard with rolling fields and elegant ponds, featuring talented reenactors, a Fairy Glen, food, two stages, vendors, and music in the Great Hall. Let’s take a look inside this magical experience. Walking into this long-ago kingdom is nothing less than extraordinary. Come see for yourself, and before you know it you are a part of something bigger — and something much, much older. Try on the… Read More »

The Care and Feeding of Your Garbage Disposal

published: October 28th, 2022 in Cleaning, Food

The powerful roar of your disposal’s motor may convince you it can take on any garbage you throw its way, but it’s important to remember that your disposal is not a trash can. Garbage disposals are designed to grind small bits of biodegradable food waste to help prevent clogged drains. Proper use and maintenance will not only extend the life of your appliance, but will also spare you unnecessary and costly service calls. Do: Small amounts of skinless, boneless, pit-less and non-fibrous foods are safe to grind. Don’t: Shells, skins, husks, rinds and other hard or fibrous materials should not… Read More »

Weekend Getaways

published: October 21st, 2022 in Food, Local Nature, Natural

Summer vacations have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean all work and no play. With cooler weather, beautiful scenery and an array of local festivals, fall is the perfect time of year for weekend getaways close to home. For travel ideas, activity suggestions and trip planning, visit A partnership of 12 federal agencies, including the Forest Service, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Archives, offers advance reservations at 2,500 federal areas for more than 60,000 facilities and activities. The website’s interactive maps and searchable database make it easy to discover parks, forests,… Read More »

Are You Ready for Cold Weather?

published: October 14th, 2022 in Weather

Fall is the time to prepare for winter—cold and wet conditions not only make you miserable, but they can damage your home. Some winterizing can wait, some can’t. Make a list of what needs to be done and tackle the time-sensitive tasks first. Here’s a simple checklist from the association to help you get a jump on winter. Indoor Winterizing Examine doors and replace weather-stripping as needed. Examine window caulking and reseal where needed. Examine and repair vents where needed (you may find cracked open vents housing birds). Clean chimneys and flues. Remove items near heat vents. Place nonskid runners… Read More »

National Hot Mulled Cider Day

published: September 30th, 2022 in Food, Holidays

As the days begin to shorten and the nights become longer, we often look for things to give us some warmth and comfort through the autumn season. And one of the things that we look forward to every year is enjoying a cup of hot mulled cider. Mulled cider is a sweet cider that’s been infused with a variety of citrus fruits and spices. The “mulling” parting of the term mulled cider refers to the product being heated, sweetened, and then enhance it using mulling spices. It’s a great drink to enjoy while you celebrate National Hot Mulled Cider Day… Read More »

Gold Star Mother’s Day

published: September 25th, 2022 in Holidays

Gold Star Mother’s Day is a holiday that’s observed on the last Sunday in the month of September. The purpose of this holiday is to honor those who have lost a son or daughter while they were serving in the U.S Armed Forces. It’s a day on which Americans can recognize these mother’s sacrifices to the country and give them the proper measure of love, appreciation, and reverence for their loss. It’s also a day on which all Americans can take a moment to think about the sacrifices of all families who have lost a son or daughter while they… Read More »

National Great American Pot Pie Day

published: September 23rd, 2022 in Food

National Great American Pot Pie Day is a holiday that’s observed on September 23rd every year and encourages everyone to make them one of the greatest comfort foods ever created: a pot pie. These little pies are filled with a variety of ingredients and have been enjoyed by people for quite a long time now. Pot pies are a savory dish that’s easy to make, especially since frozen pot pies were introduced to the American public in the 1950s. And because this holiday is observed after the beginning of autumn, it’s the perfect time to place this warm food into… Read More »

Constitution Day/Citizenship Day

published: September 17th, 2022 in Holidays

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is observed each year on September 17 to commemorate the signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787, and “recognize all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become citizens.” Today we celebrate Constitution Day, a day to recognize the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. In conjunction, we celebrate American Citizenship Day to recognize those who have become citizens of the United States. Throughout our history, the constitution and naturalized citizens have strengthened this country and helped form the foundation upon which it has become one of the most successful nations in the… Read More »

Clothes Dryer Safety

published: September 16th, 2022 in Cleaning, Health

Most homes have clothes dryers. Many people do not realize that clothes dryers are a major cause of fires each year. There is a clothes dryer fire every 35 minutes in the United States. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are over 17,000 dryer fires causing over $75 million in damages in the United States each year. A large number of these fires occur when lint builds up in the filter or in the exhaust duct. This excessive accumulation of lint can block the flow of air and the resulting heat build-up can cause a fire. Many… Read More »