What the Architectural Review Board (Committee) Does for You

published: September 2nd, 2022 by

Are you getting ready to make an addition to your house or fence in your backyard? Perhaps you want to change the color of the paint on your door? Before you break out the miter saw or your new can of paint, make sure to get your plans approved by our association’s architectural review board. While it may seem arbitrary from an individual homeowner’s standpoint, the architectural review board looks out for the entire community. Aside from stopping residents from painting pink polka dots on their houses, the committee’s job is to make sure that the size and style of… Read More »

Avoiding Conflict with the Neighbors

published: August 19th, 2022 by

It unavoidable when living in a closeknit community, some neighbors just won’t get along, and it’s not because either one is considered “bad” people. We all can just get along. The key? Communication. It’s often the best way to prevent and resolve conflict before it escalates out of control. You don’t have to be friends or spend time together to achieve a peaceful coexistence, but you should try to be a good neighbor and follow these tips: Say hello. Out gardening, while walking the dog or when you see a moving van arrive, introduce yourself. Learn your neighbors’ names and… Read More »