What Can I Recycle?

published: July 8th, 2022 by in Health, Local News

Many of us regularly recycle soda cans and water bottles, but did you know that many other food and beverage containers and household items also are recyclable? Take a look at the list below for some guidelines for what you can put into your community-provided recycling bin and what should be handled by a waste management professional.

When in doubt throw it out!

EVERYTHING isn’t recyclable. However, these six items are recyclable in most of NC: plastic bottles, jugs and jars; metal cans; paper; and cardboard. That’s it! That means all of those other plastic items (pouches, cups, to go containers, etc.) are trash!

Stick with the Six

Most plastic items have a recycling symbol on them. That is just a resin code and doesn’t mean the item can be recycled. So which plastics can go in the recycling? Plastic bottles are a sure bet for the recycling bin. Rinse and toss it in the bin for the win!

Bottles, jugs and jars can – and should – be put in the recycling bin. When in doubt, keep it out!

Help reduce contamination in our recycling stream! Contamination in recycling leads to increased charges, a reduction in items being recycled at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF), and contaminated items going directly to the landfill. Styrofoam, plastic cups, and straws for takeout are some of the no’s to put into your recycling. Your hard work collecting and recycling items will go to waste if the recycling is contaminated. Recycling right is a win-win!

Know your No’s!

Keep recyclables loose and free! Bagging recyclables means they will never see the light of day. They will be sorted as waste and go directly to the landfill. Always recycle items loose and free – whether in your curbside cart or at your local recycling convenience center.

Don’t bag your recycling!

Plastic bags, films and flexible packaging tangle up the recycling equipment! Take clean, dry plastic bags, film (plastic covering over newly purchased items) and flexible packaging (bubble wrap, air pillows, etc.) back to your local grocery store. For more information and to find recycling locations, visit: www.plasticfilmrecycling.org

I hope this was informative and will help us reduce our waste here on the community. People who put plastic bags and Styrofoam in the recycling bin cause the recycling to be thrown in the landfill, we all need to do our part to recycle properly.

Laura Goguet

Community Manager