When is National Spoil Your Dog Day?

published: August 10th, 2022 by in Pets/Animals

National Spoil Your Dog Day is an annual event and always takes place every year on August 10.

It might be a sickness but we’re stupid in love with our dogs!  National Spoil Your Dog Day on August 10, encourages us to buy that $25 “indestructible” toy that we’ve been swearing up and down we would never buy.  Granted, dogs can be a little needy but during times when it seems nobody loves us —they always do.

Dogs are hilarious and they don’t hold it against us when we make them wear silly hats and sunglasses. Dogs happily slurp any food we drop on the floor. They only want a warm bed, belly rubs and walks in the park.  Today, make your dog feel special — get her nails painted pink or get him a new squeaky toy!


2007 The “Queen of Mean” bequeaths millions to her dog

Hotelier and real estate magnate, Leona Helmsley, leaves $12 million in her will to her dog, Trouble.

1943 Lassie debuts

MGM brings Lassie to life in this 1943 motion picture, based on the similarly titled 1940 novel by Eric Knight.

1882 The U.K. ensures safer animals

The UK passes the first animal welfare laws

1500 Dogs are immortalized in art

Dogs appear in Renaissance paintings as friends and companions

30,000 B.C. From wolves to dogs

This reflects the earliest date where wolves have evolved into domesticated dogs.

Laura Goguet (and Mr. Bean)